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Orbis Company

What is Orbis?

The original Collection was beautifully crafted by styling the earrings to match the zodiac symbol they represent, whereas the pendants were designed to reflect what the symbol represents, with each zodiac’s characteristics in mind. Each individual piece was created with a feminine touch, and of course, our signature Orbis London crystal, especially for you.

The delicate yet bold Swarovski crystal imprinted in all of our jewellery is more than just a pretty feature; it is an alluring representation of the star within you. It acts as a daily reminder that you can achieve anything; there are no limits to your shine.

Our exclusive Original Collection are very special gifts made using solid sterling silver, coated in rhodium, attached to a sterling silver chain and hand finished with a Swarovski crystal. It is not just a piece of jewellery but an affectionate sentiment that can be worn with any outfit, mood or occasion.

Why You Should Love Orbis

We wanted to create a brand which was unique, elegant, of excellent quality, fashionable, and affordable; this was the birth of Orbis London. Each individual piece in the current collection underwent countless modifications and amendments until the finished product was deemed perfect, for you. Now everyone can have their individual identity on display and own something, which is unique to them, exquisite to the eye, whilst still being on trend with a touch of class. 

When you wear an Orbis London product, you know that the greatest attention and precision of detail has been paid to each piece, so they look as sensational as the feeling you get from wearing them. For this reason we only use the highest quality materials and hand finish all of our jewellery. 

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